Pets Choice

Packing Line Automation for leading Pet Food Manufacturer

Project involved





The brief

As the industry leading Pet Food Manufacturer with industry knowledge spanning over 135 years, Pets Choice is proud to provide pets and wild animals all over the globe with a variety of tasty treats and food.


As part of the installation of a new automated packing line at their chub production site, Pets Choice required an integrated conveyor system to take erected boxes of varying sizes from a box erector, through a robot packer and wrapping machine to a robot palletiser for finished palletised dispatch.



Our solution

Based on the workflow Pets Choice were looking to achieve, and working with existing robot packers, wrap tunnels and robot palletiser, Oakley designed a bespoke, automated conveyor system that worked in conjunction with the existing equipment resulting in a fully automated box packing and palletising system.


Compliance with all food production standards was of course front and centre. The system features a simple to use user interface, and include controls integration to existing equipment to allow for line stoppages.

Installation, managed by Oakley’s in-house project delivery team, was smooth and resulted in zero production downtime for Pets Choice.


Another successful project Designed, Engineered and Delivered!


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